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Selection And Maintenance Of Home Grinder

If you want to drink freshly ground and brewed coffee in your own home, how to choose a grinder? The following are the key points for selection and maintenance:

1. Grind size can be adjusted

When making coffee, if you feel that the flavor of coffee does not meet your needs, it is very important to adjust the grinding size. If you feel the taste is weak, you can turn the scale down; If you feel that too much substance is extracted, you can turn the scale rough. Of course, there are many reasons that affect the flavor of a cup of coffee, but here we only discuss the impact of the grinder.

2. it can be cut and ground evenly

The grinder can be divided into the flat knife, cone knife, and ghost tooth according to the type of cutter head. The grinding uniformity of these grinder can basically reach a certain level. However, there is a kind of "chopping bean" grinder similar to the principle of a fruit juice machine, which can not cut evenly. The use of this grinder will cause a difference in particle size, which will cause errors in extraction.

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3. not easy to generate heat

When grinding coffee beans, the most afraid thing is that the powder contacts the friction heated cutter head, which will affect the original flavor of the coffee. However, generally, when brewing at home, unless a large number of coffee beans are ground at one time, the cutter head will not be overheated. However, the bean chopping grinder mentioned above is easy to generate heat due to friction during grinding, which not only can not cut evenly but also will deteriorate the coffee powder due to heat, so it is not recommended to use.

4. cleaning of residual powder

No matter how good the quality of the grinder is, there will be residual powder during grinding, and the residual powder will affect the quality of the coffee powder you grind next time. If you grind Ethiopian coffee beans now, the next time you grind Indonesian coffee, it will be mixed with Ethiopian coffee. Therefore, you need to prepare some Indonesian coffee beans to "wash the beans". In addition, you can also buy soft brushes and blow balls to do basic cleaning. If you want to deeply clean the grinder, but do not know how to disassemble it, it is not recommended to study it by yourself. The manufacturer may not accept warranty maintenance because the body has been disassembled. It is recommended to find a professional for assistance.

Finally, whether you have a bean grinder or not, it is not recommended to grind coffee into powder and save it in a large amount at one time. Because the surface area contacted by air after coffee grinding is magnified hundreds of times, the aroma will also be lost quickly, even if it is well preserved. So the best way to make coffee is to grind it a little and boil it quickly after grinding so that you can taste the flavor of the beans. If you like brewing coffee at home, you can visit to get more about coffee and brew a more delicious cup.


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