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Reasons for mentioning a life failure in a personal statement

A personal statement is the reflection of the student’s academic experiences, achievements, objectives and purpose for applying to the university for the relevant degree program. A personal statement is also called an essay of purpose and it is the first step to getting admitted to prestigious universities. It is thoroughly read by the administration staff and among thousands of applicants, only a handful of students are selected. The only reason behind this rationale is that those who are selected submitted well-structured purpose essays. Paper or essay writers are professionals who deliver quality work relevant to the students' needs and are paid for the professional essay writing service or assistance they provide.

A good personal statement sheds light on the applicants’ skills and dreams. It answers the why of the applicant’s application to the relevant university. Furthermore, it inculcates the objective of explaining why the applicant is an ideal candidate. To support this, students must mention their relevant dreams and inspirations along with what influenced their decisions. To write a credible statement, one needs to brainstorm all the ideas and explain them in a prodigious manner that should be in line with their academic achievements and experiences.

Personal statements reflect the personality of the student. Admission officers are concerned with who the student is rather than what the student is. Therefore, to stand out, students must brainstorm all the questions relevant to the courses they are willing to enroll in. For example, why do you want to study this course? Why do you want to come to this university? What sparked your passion for pursuing this degree? These are all the important questions to which the panel is seeking answers, therefore, it is necessary to write the personal statement from this perspective.

Students are encouraged to write their personal statements thematically. They should incorporate all the relevant material in the form of a story. A personal statement having this element makes it stand out from other statements. More than 1000 applicants are applying for the same position for which only 100 may be eligible. Therefore, students should have a mindset of how they should design their personal statement in a way that stands out better than the rest of the 900 applicants. Admission officers have to go through the boring job of evaluating all the personal statements therefore they resort to the technique of skimming each personal statement. Personal statements that have the element of story-telling in them are highlighted by the officers. Students are then further called for the interview process.

Personal statements written creatively give the impression of a student's zeal towards their career. Students should remember all the relevant experiences and mention them in a way that ties back to the course they are applying for. Students may be proud and have passion for the course they are enrolling in but the administrator officers do not know that. Therefore, it is important to write personal statements in a way that they show the student’s enthusiasm for the degree they want to pursue.

Personal statements should neither be written informally nor should they contain any cliché phrases. It should be well balanced and reflect student’s honesty and integrity. This is achieved by mentioning shortcomings where the readers are convinced of the student’s limitations. However, those weaknesses should be mentioned which can be improved. It should reflect the student’s effort in improving themselves to overcome those weaknesses; otherwise, admission officers may be convinced that they are not a good fit for the university. Sometimes students fail to write good personal statements, and therefore, look for help from a professional essay writer.

Many university professors encourage students to not include personal failures in their personal statements and yes, they are right about it as it sheds a gloomy impact on the applicant. However, sometimes mentioning these failures with authentic reasons often make one’s personal statement stand out from other applicants. This gives the reader the impression that the student own’s their failures and is not willing to blame fate. A famous saying goes that failure can not be cataclysmic, however, change to it can prove to be worse than a fatality.

Mentioning failures in the personal statement allows the officers to see through the window of the applicant’s characteristics. If explained well, it tells officers about the resilient nature of the applicant. Furthermore, making the other side realize that the student truly understands why they failed allows the panel to consider the applicant from different perspectives.This also allows the admission officers to consider the experiences the applicant gained after learning from the mistake. This all accounts to the aspirant’s favor making their position strong during the selection process.

This portion of mentioning authentic failures in the personal statement requires that the writer explains their extenuating circumstances thoroughly and shows resolve in improving rather than throwing all the blame on external circumstances. If someone failed the first time and couldn’t make it to the relevant university then they must write how well they did in the second attempt. All universities are willing to give a chance to those students who show growth and progress.

All one needs to ask them is, “Can you write my essay or personal statement for me?”. However, any student can write a good personal statement but a convincing statement often needs good writing abilities which come with practice.

Furthermore, students should mention their failures creatively in the form of the story where they could tie its relevance with the course they are applying in. It would help them in making the other side believe that failures should not be used as an option to keep someone from getting the chance that may prove beneficial for the university and the student.It should be remembered that any written parchment that has a well-defined theme in an organized manner succeeds in grabbing the reader’s attention.

Personal statements should not include irrelevant materials, for example, parents’ profession, what the student used to do ten years ago, etc. Professors and chief selectors are not interested in knowing the background influence of the student but rather what the student has to offer. Similarly, they are interested in knowing what the student does currently in their leisure time and how they polish their skills relevant to the course. Students must refrain from writing a bad paper with indigent grammatical mistakes else the admission officers might conclude that the student is disinterested in the course, which will lead to rejection. All these are bleak mistakes that students must refrain from in writing personal statements.

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