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I was hospitalised for 10 days in April with Covid 19, but managed to pull through thanks to brilliant NHS care.

I left hospital thirty pounds lighter and with three infections, Eye, nasal and open sores on my chest. For many weeeks i was extremely fatigued, breathless and constantly tired. Very slowly my weight improved and I became much less fatigued and after lots of medication, the infections dissappeared. However about 8 weeks ago all of the symptoms returned within days of each other. I am one again very fatigued and breathless, have heart palpitations, very sore eye and blocked nose and nasty open sores on my chest. My GP referred me back to hospital outpatients, and after several visits, and many tablets, ointments, eyedrops etc, show little or no sign of improvement. The last visit I was advised that I should stop all the medication, that the infections would go away as before, and they dont want to see me for 3 MONTHS!. I am now considering getting private treatment, as it is now well over six months of pain, with both mental and physical suffering. My wife is also showing signs of stress, trying to look after me and doing all of the houswork and gardening etc



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