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Indeed has the distinction of being the largest job board in the world. Participation includes 50 million listed employers and more than 700 million members. Indeed is available in 200 countries around the world, and has more monthly traffic than any other job board.As an employer, it’s likely you’ll want to post open positions on Indeed to get the most potential job seekers to your ads. What makes it even easier is that there is no fee to post a basic job ad on Indeed. indeed vs linkedin That combination makes Indeed a default choice for any employer looking to fill a job. For more free job posting sites, we rounded up the top free job posting sites for employers. LinkedIn is also a job board, but that’s only one of its features. It’s better described as a professional network, and the world’s largest at that. The networking angle comes from the fact that LinkedIn is also a social media platform. But unlike social media like Facebook and Twitter, it ultimately specializes in employment.LinkedIn is available in more than 200 countries and territories and has more than 700 million members. Both companies and individuals build profiles on the platform, which enables them to connect with one another and with other members of LinkedIn.



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