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My previously fit and healthy eldest daugthter still has PCS after 15 months. While I appreciate the new rehab-type facilities being offered to people like her, where are the medical treatments speicifc to the varying symptoms? As we know this is a new illness and there are none as yet. However I find the lack of willingness of doctors to even try something frustrating.

For instance, I wondered [following reports of mould growth in Indian covid patients and my daughter having thrush in her mouth a few months ago], if her weakened immune system may have 'allowed' candida to multiply in her blood leading to invasive candidiasis. This just might account for some of her symptoms and perhaps those of other people in this group. Trying to get a simple blood test through her GP surgery took ages and now, three weeks on, we still do not have the result - maybe 'they' lost the specimen? That's our latest update. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thank you! 🍒

Caring Mother

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