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I contracted the virus about 2 weeks before the first official lock-down. After about 2 weeks I thought I'd gotten over it! Then It came back with a vengeance! Felt like a mallet over the head! Then I went to hell and back over about 3 weeks (felt more like 3 months!) with more of a fever response. I was so close to phoning an ambulance - never felt more frightened in my life. Don't forget this was right at the beginning of this nightmare - the government were saying that most people would have a mild illness lasting 4-5 days!!! Well this is now 12 months down the line and if anything I'm getting worse not better! I'm completely conscious of every breath I take (it's not an autonomic process anymore!) I'm also aware of the fact that my breaths are tiny little breaths and that my pulse is going ten to the dozen to compensate for it! On top of that is the complete exhaustion, the aching muscles, the numb hands, the mental exhaustion - oh luckily the one symptom that has gone away is the ringing in the ears! but that is a small mercy! Stomach aches, head aches, any aches you can name - Why is it that the only people talking about this are the ones suffering from it? Even my own parents thing I'm exaggerating! It is so patronizing I'm completely at a loss as to what to do!!! Can anybody please HELP!

Jason Tinkler

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