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I was first admitted to hospital in March and diagnosed with the virus. It was a terryfying experince, quite unlike any other I have had - however, after about 2 weeks, I began to recover and had a good late spirng and summer. However, I became unwell again in October and tested positive. This time, the symptoms were different, more intense, constantly changing, frightening. Now, it is 6 weeks since I became uwell and I am struggling day to day. I have good days, when I can walk and do a few things but others when I can only rest. The psychological aspect of this diabolical virus is what I find most dificult. I sometimes find myself inexplciably depressed, angry and anxious and know that this is the virus. A few weeks ago, I was back in hospital again and the doctor said I have 'long covid' and to be patient. The fatigue is bizarre; it sometimes feels as though I am asleep when I am awake and have brain fog which is disorientating and dreary. I know I am not alone in this. I believe that the expeirience of having covid has left me with PTSD, given the media coverage of the virus and the knowledge that one is infected by something that kills. It has also been very bizarre not to be able to actually visit the doctor and talk about the illness as everything is online or via phone. I know I will get through it and I am not alone in this. We will get through this, all of us - It is just so odd not to be able to plan ones life in advance as everything is so unpredicatable.



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