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MARCH 2020:

Undiagnosed Covid; likely infected when teaching (Primary & Secondary Schools).

Approx 10 days after symptoms first appeared, I started to notice other issues such as breathlessness on exertion, fatigue, headaches and cognitive changes, nose bleeds and bleeding under my skin, anxiety and depression. Standard blood tests have repeatedly been "normal". I bought a bicycle and slowly built up my fitness and resilience. I started to feel better but not back to my normal and the BRAIN FOG, MEMORY issues and BREATHLESSNESS on walking up stairs etc did not resolve.

MARCH 2021:

First vax (AZ). I immediately noticed sensory effects, then symptoms similar to a viral infection came on over a couple of days and then resolved. 2 weeks later, the headaches, nose bleeds, gum bleeding, bleeding under the skin and extreme Brain Fog and memory issued started. Standard blood tests were again "normal".

JUNE / JULY 2021:

Second dose of Covid (this time diagnosed by Antibody Test). I can't be specific when I had the virus but this is my best estimate based on having symptoms similar to a cold and/or awful hayfever at this time. Other children and staff at work had similar symptoms. Lateral Flow Tests were continually negative.

JULY 2021:

Second vax (Pfizer). This time, I only experienced fatigue - pretty much sleeping for 2 days after the vax! Two weeks after, the headaches, nose bleed and bleeding under the skin started again. This time, when I had blood taken for tests, my blood clotted but my arm was a mess!

Since December 2021

I have keep a record of my blood pressure (3 readings and using the average). Prior to Covid, I was not aware of any issues with BP but now, the daily averages range from 140 - 155 / 80 - 110

My oximeter readings have been between 188 to 197 over the past year.


I find it odd that I haven't yet "seen" a doctor since March 2020.

Everything has been by phone and no-one has se.

I have had these tests:

  • Chest X-Ray (normal)

  • Lung Function Tests (normal)

  • ECG (results ?? )

  • CT scan (some abnormalities but not told what)

  • 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor (spikes in BP but considered okay as average was 130's ??)

JULY 2021:

had the first video appointment in the Post Covid Clinic with a Physio.

Told I have to:

  • retrain myself to breath.

  • Walk 30 mins x 3 / week and work out my walking pace

  • Then each week, increase my pace


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