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We have worked with the Royal College of General Practitioners to co-produce a leaflet for GPs which will provide easy reference to help doctors recognise, diagnose and identify treatments for Long Covid symptoms

Health professionals have told us that they lack clear information as to which treatments they can prescribe within the NHS for their patients. With RCGP endorsement, this publication will support both doctors and patients in accessing appropriate therapies for Long Covid symptoms

This leaflet will be distributed via the NHS and NHS Trusts - but please do download it and send to your own GP either as a PDF or printed if you prefer.  We hope that it will serve as a useful resource for both patients experiencing Long Covid symptoms and clinicians involved in diagnosing and treating this condition. 

This is just the first in a series of leaflets that Long Covid SOS will be publishing over the coming months that will help in the understanding of Long Covid, how to manage the condition and identify what help is available

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