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Long Covid SOS has appeared extensively in the press since July 2020 - in print and broadcast media, online, video and on national and local TV.  

We have used our voice to raise awareness of the nature and scale of Long Covid, highlight the issues faced by people living with the disease and to challenge and criticise policies which would badly impact those affected.


‘My friends just roll their eyes’: Why long Covid is still a dirty word

7 May 2024


Long Covid SOS Co founder Ondine Sherwood was interviewed by John Stratford for LBC News

3 Mar 2024

London News Online

Covid-19 protesters demand changes to infection control guidelines as ITV series airs

21 Feb 2024


Warning 100,000 could develop long Covid after hospital cases surge

3 Jan 2024

Sky News

Press Conference at the Covid Inquiry

11 Dec 2023

Social Care Today

Villains exposed: Are the government to blame for the mishandling of Long Covid?

6 Dec 2023

New Yorker

How to Maintain Hope in an Age of Catastrophe: "There are survivors of it. And they have been speaking out. They form groups. Groups called Long Covid SOS"

12 Nov 2023

ITV News

We were interviewed by ITV News after an important Long Covid paper was published by REACT/Imperial

24 Oct 2023

The Canary

Boris Johnson called Long Covid ‘bollocks’ – sadly, this was entirely predictable

4 Oct 2023

The Independent

Boris Johnson was dismissive of disaster, Covid Inquiry hears

3 Oct 2023

The Science Times

Leading UK Doctors and Charities “Livid” as Covid 19 Inquiry Excludes Long Covid Representation in Latest Module

15 Sept 2023

Bedford Today

Tens of thousands of people may have long Covid in Bedfordshire

9 Aug 2023

South London Press

From Long Covid to Mount Everest Base Camp: Man takes on challenge to raise money for charity

29 Mar 2023

The Guardian

‘I felt pushed out’: long Covid sufferers fight for fairness in the workplace

27 Mar 2023

The Telegraph

NHS Deletes Referrals Target for Millions with Long Covid

6 Jan 2023

Civil Society

New chair for Long Covid SOS

28 Nov 2022

The Guardian

Long Covid: ‘fraction’ of sufferers getting NHS help in England

27 Oct 2022


‘I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy’: No cure, no vaccine – how long Covid continues to devastate lives

14 Oct 2022

The Guardian

More than 1m people report Long Covid a year after infection

6 Oct 2022

Hartlepool Mail

Thousands may have Long Covid in Hartlepool

25 Jul 2022

Warrington Guardian

Thousands of Warrington residents estimated to have Long Covid

25 Jul 2022


Covid experts issue warning over new wave of infections ‘Not gone away!’

30 Jun 2022


Two MILLION people in UK living with Long Covid – Half for at least a year

1 Jun 2022

The Observer

Covid pandemic sparks steep rise in number of people in UK with long-term illness

5 Mar 2022

The Big Issue

Changemakers 2022: Health and sport

14 Feb 2022


Scientists accuse PM of lifting Covid restrictions early as ‘distraction

10 Feb 2022

South China Morning Post

The growing problem of Covid-19’s ‘long-haulers’ a global challenge

4 Nov 2021

Talk TV

Interview with Julia Hartley Brewer

17 Sept 2021

Dr John Campbell – YouTube

Important Long Covid information

21 Jul 2021


Feature on Long Covid in the context of ‘Freedom day’

7 Jul 2021

Talk Radio

Interview with Julia Hartley Brewer

2 Jul 2021

Covid Calls podcast

Long Haul Covid

19 May 2021

Sunday Times

The race to cure long Covid, the world’s next health crisis

24 Apr 2021

Lived Health

How are patient advocacy groups helping Long covid recognition and research?

2 Apr 2021

The Spectator

The mysteries of ‘Long Covid’

27 Feb 2021

The Observer

Long Covid: ‘It’s a year since I’ve felt like myself’

20 Feb 2021

Sky News

COVID-19: New clinics to offer help for people with long-term symptoms in England

18 Dec 2020

Bristol Cable

‘Bone numbingly tired’: The exhausting reality of Long-Covid

1 Dec 2020

Pharmaceutical Journal

‘I could barely function’ – the devastating effects of long COVID

5 Nov 2020

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour

Women and Long Covid

23 Oct 2020

Evening Standard

Long Covid curse: More than 1,000 struck down in London as under-50s unable to shake off syndrome

19 Oct 2020

The Sun

TOUGH WINTER Coronavirus spike is ‘disturbing’ but with new drugs and more knowledge NHS is better placed for 2nd wave, says chief

8 Oct 2020

NHS England

NHS to offer ‘long covid’ sufferers help at specialist centres

7 Oct 2020

Sky News

Coronavirus: More than half of COVID-19 patients experience ongoing fatigue, study finds

18 Sept 2020

The Observer

I was infected with coronavirus in March, six months on I’m still unwell

13 Sept 2020

ABC News

Doctors working to crack the mystery of 'long haul' COVID-19 sufferers

9 Sept 2020


Fear and dread haunt COVID-19 'long-haulers'

3 Sept 2020


COVID Is Making Younger, Healthy People Debilitatingly Sick For Months. Now They’re Fighting For Recognition.

21 Aug 2020

The Atlantic

Long Haulers are Redefining Covid-19

19 Aug 2020


Phone in

9 Aug 2020

The Cardiffian

Long Covid patients say their voices and their struggle are being ignored

12 Mar 2024

York Press

First Covid-19 death in UK marked by moment of silence

2 Mar 2024

The Independent

Kate Garraway hailed for shining light on challenges faced by carers

5 Jan 2024

ITV News

Covid Inquiry interview

11 Dec 2023

British Medical Journal

Hancock’s covid inquiry evidence offers few clues as to why long covid was sidelined

7 Dec 2023

Sky News

Sarah-Jane Mee Sky News interviews our Co-founder for Covid Inquiry: The Human Stories

30 Nov 2023


Supporting employees with Long Covid - includes extensive quotes from Long Covid SOS

6 Nov 2023

Open Democracy

Boris Johnson asked: ‘Do we really believe in long Covid?’

13 Oct 2023

The Telegraph

Johnson wrote ‘b‑‑‑‑‑‑s’ over long Covid advice document

3 Oct 2023


Long Covid SOS appear on BBC TV news on the day Module 2 of the Covid Inquiry opens

3 Oct 2023


What happens inside a long covid clinic?

7 Sept 2023

Mail Online

Are tiny blood clots the real cause of Long Covid? Cutting-edge research suggests this may be the answer to the condition that's left up to half of young victims bedridden

18 Jul 2023

Daily Express

'I've been blown up, stabbed and shot at... but long Covid is worse'

28 Mar 2023

BBC Look North

Our team member Susannah Thompson discusses the problems she is having returning to her job as a GP

30 Jan 2023

Sky News

Long COVID: New study focusing on paced increase in physical activity sees 'impressive results'

16 Dec 2022

House of Lords Library

Long Covid: What are the short- and long-term challenges?

10 Nov 2022


‘Anyone can get sick’: Will long Covid finally solve the mystery of chronic illnesses like ME?

18 Oct 2022

British Safety Council

WHO chief urges countries to ramp up research into long Covid

13 Oct 2022

Shropshire Star

Almost 20,000 people in the county could have Long Covid, charity fears

25 Jul 2022

Blackpool Gazette

Blackpool GPs have the longest list of patients suffering from Long Covid

25 Jul 2022


Bereaved families demand ‘core’ role in UK Covid inquiry as ‘investigative’ phase begins

21 Jul 2022


Desperate couple with long Covid planned suicide as ‘neglected’ sufferers struggle

20 Jun 2022

Huck Magazine

The fight for Long Covid to be recognised as a disability

18 May 2022


NHS long Covid mobile testing units could be rolled out in areas worst hit by pandemic.

14 Feb 2022


Long Covid will hit hundreds of thousands more people if all restrictions axed, campaigners say

13 Feb 2022


‘Like being hit by a bus’: Long Covid sufferers say ministers abandoned them

6 Jan 2022

Evening Standard

‘My life is unrecognisable’ – long Covid patients describe struggle to get care

21 Sept 2021

Talk TV

Interview with Julia Hartley Brewer

6 Aug 2021


Long Covid sufferer says 'lives are radically changed' by persistent symptoms

8 Jul 2021

The Independent

Long Covid campaigners urge Sajid Javid to ‘reconsider’ timing of restriction lifting

6 Jul 2021


Campaigners call for more consistent Long Covid treatment (+video)

2 Jun 2021

The Guardian

Long Covid symptoms ease after vaccination, survey finds

18 May 2021


For many sufferers of long Covid, proving they are sick is a big part of the battle

11 Apr 2021

The Independent

Scientists and campaigners call for more research into long Covid in children

2 Mar 2021

The Star (Sheffield)

Sheffield marathon runner battling long Covid issues warning over lockdown easing

22 Feb 2021

British Safety Council

Long covid: can work lift the burden?

19 Feb 2021

Agence France Presse

The Covid ‘longhaulers’ behind a global patient movement

1 Dec 2020

Personnel Today

Could ‘long Covid’ become the biggest return-to-work challenge yet for OH?

6 Nov 2020


Covid-19 Press briefing (48,612 views to date)

30 Oct 2020

BBC News

Feature on Long Covid for News at 10

21 Oct 2020


Health systems stumble on ‘Long COVID’ as crisis grows

9 Oct 2020

The Times

Long Covid patients to be offered care in special NHS clinics

8 Oct 2020

One News NZ

Long-term fatigue dubbed the ‘hidden toll’ of Covid-19

20 Sept 2020

Radio NZ

Sick and tired of Covid-19: The 'recovered' patients who aren't getting better

15 Sept 2020


They never officially had Covid-19. Months later they’re living in hell)

11 Sept 2020

UK Parliament Post

Short and long term health effects of COVID-19

7 Sept 2020


When Children’s Covid-19 Symptoms Won’t Go Away

2 Sept 2020


Virtual Press conference

21 Aug 2020

ITV News

The impact of Long Covid

12 Aug 2020

Financial Times

Fatigue plagues thousands suffering post-coronavirus symptoms

3 Aug 2020

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