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Covid Tests

For most people free NHS lateral flow tests are no longer available (see here for current NHS lateral flow test eligibility). Tests can be purchased online or from pharmacies for £1- £2 per test.

Clean Air

The Covid-19 Safety Pledge - Campaign for clean air in healthcare, business and public spaces to prevent Covid transmission. Useful resources on risk mitigation as well as  templates for writing to healthcare providers.

UK Version - Corsi-Rosenthal Box - Instructions on how to make an affordable DIY air-cleaning system


Masks can reduce the likelihood of Covid transmission, with high filtration masks like FFP2, FFP3 and elastomeric respirators offering the most protection. When purchasing a mask ensure it is CE certified.

Covid Meetups

Covid Meetups - Free services to find individuals, families and local businesses/service who take COVID precautions in your area.

NHS Treatments for COVID-19 - The NHS offers treatment to a small group of people with COVID-19 who are at highest risk of becoming seriously ill.

Covid Treatment

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