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NHS Your Covid Recovery - Information and support around Covid and Long Covid recovery.

Long Covid Physio - Long Covid rehabilitation resources can be found here, including advice on pacing and breathing pattern disorders

Physios for M.E. - Resources and information on pacing and heart rate monitoring by physiotherapists with a special interest in ME.

Co-occurring Conditions

AbScent - Information and support for those affected by loss of smell and taste

PoTS UK - Support for Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

British Heart Foundation - Information on chest and heart problems following Covid-19 infection

Asthma + Lung UK - Long Covid related lung and breathing problems

Tinnitus UK - Support for those with tinnitus

Fifth Sense - Support for problems with changes to or loss of smell and taste

Mind - Information and support for mental health conditions

PTSD UK - Information and support for people with PTSD

Samaritans - Listening and support for anyone having a difficult time

The ME Association - Help for people with ME/CFS and Long Covid

Action for M.E - Support, information and resources for people with M.E

Mast Cell Action - Support for people affected by Mast Cell Disease

Fibromyalgia Action - Support for people with Fibromyalgia, including a telephone helpline

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