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NIHR Long Covid research update

Updated: Apr 18

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) has launched new content to outline the wide range of research studies on understanding, diagnosing and treating long COVID.

This research is examining the causes of long COVID, investigating symptoms such as ‘brain fog’ and breathlessness, and finding drugs to tackle the condition. Studies are also exploring NHS services for the illness, such as long COVID clinics, and what people can do themselves to optimise their recovery.

NIHR’s latest themed review Researching long COVID: addressing a new global health challenge rounds up this long COVID research and summarises the research findings to date.

And there’s a new page on the NIHR website that collates all their activity on long COVID to date, with new information and research results added as they emerge.

Early in the pandemic, patient groups led the calls to recognise and research long COVID, and patients have been integral in helping the NIHR to decide what research to fund. This is being disseminated to help patients and the public explore and understand the diverse research underway.

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