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LongCovidSOS launch Vaccine survey

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

A recently published preprint involving 44 vaccinated and 22 unvaccinated Long Covid patients found that 23.2% of participants showed improvements in Long Covid symptoms in the vaccinated group compared to only 15.4% of unvaccinated participants. They conclude that "Individuals with prolonged COVID-19 symptoms should receive vaccinations as suggested by national guidance."

Anecdotal evidence from support groups and a patient generated survey of 473 participants suggest that a proportion of people with Long Covid may be deriving benefit from the Covid-19 vaccine, however any improvement may be transitory and more research is needed.

We have launched a survey to capture detailed data on the impact of vaccination on symptoms over time. We have also included people with ME and/or Chronic Fatigue. We hope that this may lead to more research and possibly clinical trials if evidence emerges that vaccines may be of therapeutic benefit.

The survey is now closed - we will post our results soon.


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Unknown member
Jun 29, 2021

Thank you )) Good luck to all ~ * ~

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