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CAN YOU JOIN US AT THE COVID INQUIRY? Friday 13th October 2023

The Long Covid Groups, comprising Long Covid Kids, Long Covid SOS, and Long Covid Support are Core Participants in the UK Covid19 Inquiry.

Module 2 opened on the 3rd of October 2023. This module is looking into Core UK Decision-making and Political Governance.

You can watch our KC Anthony Metzer giving our opening statement here.

Or you can read the full statement here.

On Friday 13th October 2023, experts on Long Covid, Professor Chris Brightling and Dr Rachel Evans will be giving evidence in the morning. Ondine Sherwood Co-Founder of Long Covid SOS will give oral evidence on behalf of the Long Covid Groups in the afternoon based on our groups' impact statements.


📢We would like to invite you to join us in a show of unity outside the hearing

📅DATE: Friday 13th October

TIME: From 0915.

📍LOCATION: We will gather outside the public entrance located at:

Dorland House, 121 Westbourne Terrace London, W2 6BU, near the junction with Bishops Bridge Road.

📢If you cannot join us in person, please support our online campaign.

Join us in raising awareness and advocating for support for those living with Long Covid. #LongCovidLivesRuined #LongCovidRuinsLives #WeNeedAnswers

👋Tag the #LongCovidGroups - @LongCovidKids @LongCovidSOS @long_covid

Together we can ensure that the experiences of people with Long Covid are acknowledged and acted upon.


Hearings are open to the public to attend. There is a public viewing gallery with limited seating. Seats in the hearing can be reserved in advance, these are now full for the Long Covid Session but you can always join other sessions. These will be going on until December. The timetable is published on the Thursday prior to the following week.

To request a seat please fill in this form – seats are available approx. one week in advance

Alternatively, you can watch the Inquiry online via the Inquiry YouTube channel.

Finally, we encourage everyone to help the inquiry by submitting their own pandemic experience to Every Story Matters.



On Tuesday 3rd October, the opening day of the Module 2 hearings, we learned that Boris Johnson was dismissive of Long Covid. Anthony Metzer KC, speaking on behalf of Long Covid Kids, Long Covid SOS, and Long Covid Support, told the inquiry that Mr Johnson initially “denied the truth of the suffering” of long Covid patients.

Read our press release in response to the evidence shared on the 3rd October here.

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